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Welcome to the VIP Asian Manchester recruitment page. This is the page where you can apply to work with us as a member of our elite agency of astonishing Manchester Asian companions. If you’re interested in becoming one of our glamourous Asian ladies available on our gallery, then fill out the form below ensuring that you have filled out all of the required information and our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange your interview.

We do have a few simple requirements that we expect you to meet before considering you for our agency, which will be highlighted as follows:-

  • Being a dedicated Asian escort agency, we unfortunately cannot accept any non-Asian escorts. If you’re not Asian and you’re looking to get into the industry however, get in touch and we can still advise you on how you can get recruited by a reputable agency such as ours.
  • We do require you to be well dressed, you have to be able to put in the effort to ensure you’re presenting yourself to the best of your ability to maintain the standards we have promised to our clientele.
  • We have a very strict punctuality policy and as such you will be required to ensure that you turn up to bookings promptly and on time, if you can’t make a booking you shouldn’t agree to it.
  • We also require you to be reasonably attractive and well groomed, we need you to look your best on every occasion. If this is a commitment you’re not willing to make then please don’t apply.
  • You need to be intellectual and personable, with a passion for meeting new people. This isn’t a career for anyone who is overly shy or who can’t handle meeting new people. When we say intellectual, we don’t necessarily mean you have to be a genius, but we need people who are capable of upholding our high standards.

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